logo      “I never ceased to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talents that were previously hidden within
an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.” ____ John Russell




The Division of “TransitionsThroughCoaching” offers Coaching Programs that are highly customized and designed to support goal attainment; key performance improvements; and success within the workplace and/or academic environment (career). Our programs include elements of leadership, follow-ship, and teamwork, which will result in significant improvement in the business, career and personal environments. The Certified Coaching Experts at the “TransitionsThroughCoaching” Division will create a coaching environment that will enable you to obtain your goals through a set of structured one-on-one interactions that are designed to develop our performance in a specially defined area.

The role of the Coach is to influence Clients to “think”; to “communicate:’ and to “act” in ways that lead to positive business, career and personal success. Our programs provide guidance, mentoring and teaching to help Clients expand and apply their knowledge, skills and abilities to reach their stated goals. The “TranstionsThroughcoaching Division offers the following Coaching opportunities:

  • Executive/Management Coaching Program: Executive/Management Coaching is a highly customized program that is designed to support key improvements in overall effectiveness of leadership/management with the workplace. This is a 6 to 10 week program that involves one-on-one interaction between the Coach, aimed at creating change in the individual’s performance in two areas: (1) Personal Performance and (2) Organizational Performance.
  • Career Coaching Program: The Career Coaching Program is designed to assist Clients in reaching their goals in a highly changing, global work environment. The “TransitionsThroughCoaching Career Coaching Programs provide job coaching to Clients with a focus on optimizing their Client’s ability to understand their talents, maximize their networking skills, identify career goals; and improve job search through the utilization of effective job search strategies. We work with Clients on all phases of the Career spectrum, which includes (10) Job Search Path; (2) Career Enhancement Path; and (3) Career/Job Search Path. Each program is supported by planning, success strategies, assessments, and job/career tools.
  • Social+Emotional Intelligence Coaching: A program designed to promote workplace communication at the highest level. Social+Emotional Intelligence is that ONE SKILL that will determine whether or not an individual will e successful in his/her chosen career, as well as his/her personal life. Individuals with strong Emotional Intelligence typically excel within their chosen field, because they can effectively build and sustain the relationship necessary to lead and work across the organization effectively. They are very much aware of their own emotions and can also understand the emotions of others. The Social+Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program focuses on working with the Client to develop the following competencies: