Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement and Workplace Business Solutions

OurServicesEmployeeEngagementandCommitmentCEOLdevelopment will work with you to identify the skills sets that are required in your organization today and tomorrow. We will develop an action plans for each employee, team or work situation to prepare them to support the organization’s goals. We offer Learning Assessment Systems which will provide nonjudgmental languages for exploring behavioral issues. We utilize Inscape Publishing DiSC Learning Systems and the Franklin Covey Effectiveness Training Tools to development programs and individual coaching activities. CEOLdevelopment will enhance your organization’s effectiveness through the use of state-of-the-art training programs that are designed to meet your specific needs.

“Business Issues”

  • Employees are disengaged and show only minimal effort.
  • Group projects have uninspired results.
  • Employees need help moving into new positions or role
  • New hire is not working up to the level of the organization’s expectations
  • Arguments, tension, and resentment develop among employees
  • Customer service representatives need to become more responsive
  • Supervisors have trouble managing their departments’ needs
  • Recruitment team keeps breaking down
  • Two of your most talented employees are feuding and it is impacting the work.