Leadership Development

Leadership and People Development

OurServicesLeadershipandPeopleDevelopmentSuccessful Leaders all manage to do several things exceptionally well:

  1. Set Direction — they have a Vision of what the customers need, as well as a Vision of the future.
  2. They demonstrate exceptional Personal Character: honesty, character, doing the right thing; courage; and inspire trust.
  3. They have an ability to mobilize individual commitment since they are driven by both “concern for others” and “enthusiasm” for the work to be done.
  4. They have strong ability (organizational capability) — learning is a full time job for these folks and they do it with a great deal of passion and persistence.

The unpredictability nature of the constant change demands that today’s leaders have the ability to work through a change issues that are constant.  The best award winning organizations clearly use learning to increase performance, provide development opportunities to attract and retail top talent, and link the process to individual and organizational success. They also excel in the use of metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their learning:

  1. mandatory training time;
  2. learning objectives
  3. a C-level learning officers;
  4. leaders who support learning enterprise-wide;
  5. a clear link between learning and performance;
  6. contribution strategic objectives for the enterprise;
  7. consistent standards for assessment of learning; and
  8. a high percent of employees receiving learning and development opportunities.

CEOLdevelopment will work with your organization to develop an executive training and development program that will take your organization to the next level by assisting you in developing “key” talent within your organization.