Organizational Development


OurservicesOrganizationalDevelopmentCenter for Enhancing Organizational Learning and Development, LLC (CEOLdevelopment) will enrich your bottom line by developing unique programs that meet the needs of your organization. We work with the organization’s leadership to determine the needs through audits, needs assessment analysis, climate surveys, as well as other tools to assist us in identifying your needs. We will develop programs that are goal oriented, supportive of current work systems, meet the legal and compliance requirements, and provide overall organizational satisfaction.

“Compliance and Audit Reviews”

Effective compliance programs serve to enhance the organization by providing strong workplace systems of measurements and evaluation that are utilize to development proactive programs and response. An effective compliance program will view the organization as a system and embed elements to ensure that laws, regulations, internal policies and procedures and controls are enhanced or changed in response to internal and external environmental changes. CEOLdevelopment offers consultant services to assist your organization in building a strong risk-managements system that will respond to market changes, highlight operational problems, as well as government regulations. CEOLdevelopment will offer the following services:

  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Internal Controls
  • Organizational-wide Policies and Procedures
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Screening of Employees and Contractors
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Compliance Officer or Committee

“Policy and Procedures Manual”

The HR manual serves as a value training tool for the entire organizational. It expresses the organization’s commitment to fair employment practices and equal employment opportunities, provides the basic philosophies of senior management, outlines the organization’s rules and requirements, provides a history of the organization, a description of its products and services, and outlines the benefits and privileges of working for the organization. HR manuals should be in compliance with the law and at the same time, have a positive effect upon the goals of the organization, and support the bottom line. CEOLdevelopment will work with appropriate officials to document the policies of the organization. We will develop your organization’s Employee Handbooks (provides employees with the organization’s rules, expectations, and benefits) and Policy and Procedure Manuals (a guide for managers). CEOLdevelopment will provide HR manuals that can be easily updated and reflect the latest legal guidelines and compliance law.

“New Employee Orientation Program”

Hands-on Approach to Developing an Orientation Program – New employee orientation is one of the most critical training experiences that an employee will have throughout his/her employment. It is not enough to hire the best people; you must ensure that they have the tools and understanding of organizational culture so that they can effectively put their skills to work for the organization. CEOLdevelopment will develop a multi-level, relevant orientation program that will assist you in jump-starting and deriving the best from of your new employee as you continue to gain commitment.

“Performance Management Systems”

Performance Management systems increase the efficiency within the organization by providing employees with agreed upon guidelines to future performance expectations. A well-designed performance management system can be utilized to manage employees within the workplace, clarify performance expectations, resolve and prevent performance problems, and create an environment of successful date-to-day performance. It simply takes the guess work out of what is expected from people and how they are performing, while it embeds accountability throughout the organization. CEOLdevelopment offers consulting services to help customers define the key performance indicators that support their goals and objectives and build performance management systems that support organizational direction. CEOLdevelopment is also prepared to serve as an outsourced partner — lets us manage your program!

“HR Operations & Design Solutions”

Strategically operated Human Resources organizations are the business emphasis of the future. HR organizations must be accountability and operate as a business by providing those products, services and structures that create bottom-line effectiveness. HR must continuously innovate, operate with speed and agility, while creating a flexible structure that can easily meet the changes that organizations constantly fact. CEOLdevelopment offers consulting services to help the customer define the HR structure that meets their needs. We will audit your HR operation, utilizing best practice standards and provide you with a strategically-driven HR plan for present and future growth. CEOLdevelopment can also provide you with a Business Process Outsourcing Solutions. ceoldevelopment-hr-retainer-program.

“Conflict Management Systems”

Conflict is a constant part of every workplace environment. It is always present! Conflict is natural and often the most important ingredient that drives creative solutions to very complicated workplace problems. Today’s workplace is driven by situations that produce constant change. Internal organizational structures and functional component that are no longer delineated and they require people flexibility in environments where change is an individual response. Organizations that take a proactive response to workplace conflict will reap the rewards that are punctuated by highly competitive environments where constant dialog improves workplace effectiveness and thus increases productivity and improves the bottom line. CEOLdevelopment offers consultant support in developing conflict management systems driven by “Organizational Development” concepts and techniques that will provide your organization with the tools necessary to meet challenges of openness, tolerance of diversity, action learning, relationship building, and change intervention. CEOLdevelopment will assist your organization in developing a conflict management system that will meet your organizations needs for reaping the benefit inherent in well-designed dispute resolution systems. CEOLdevelopment will also work with you on a Workplace Bullying Plan and Policy: say-no-to-bullying