Coaching & Career Development and Planning

Transitions Through Coaching offers an Executive Coaching program that is a highly customized and designed to support key improvements in overall effectiveness of leaders within the workplace. Our program includes elements of leadership, follow-ship, and teamwork, which results in significant improvement in business results.


Employee Engagement and Workplace Business Solutions

CEOLdevelopment will work with you to identify the skills sets that are required in your organization today and tomorrow. We will develop an action plans for each employee, team or work situation to prepare them to support the organization’s goals. We offer Learning Assessment Systems which will provide nonjudgmental languages for exploring behavioral issues. We utilize Inscape Publishing DiSC Learning Systems and the Franklin Covey Effectiveness Training Tools to development programs and individual coaching activities. CEOLdevelopment will enhance your organization’s effectiveness through the use of state-of-the-art training programs that are designed to meet your specific needs.


Organizational Development Programs

Center for Enhancing Organizational Learning and Development, LLC (CEOLdevelopment) will enrich your bottom line by developing unique programs that meet the needs of your organization. We work with the organization’s leadership to determine the needs through audits, needs assessment analysis, climate surveys, as well as other tools to assist us in identifying your needs. We will develop programs that are goal oriented, supportive of current work systems, meet the legal and compliance requirements, and provide overall organizational satisfaction.


Leadership and People Development

Successful Leaders all manage to do several things exceptionally well: Set Direction — they have a Vision of what the customers need, as well as a Vision of the future. They demonstrate exceptional Personal Character: honesty, character, doing the right thing; courage; and inspire trust. They have an ability to mobilize individual commitment since they are driven by both “concern for others” and “enthusiasm” for the work to be done.